A Day in the Life of Emily

At Kenwood Camp for Girls


The sun rises over the lake around 7:30am as Emily and her bunkmates arise and make their way to the dining hall for breakfast.

Mornings begin with a hot buffet — including eggs, waffles, pancakes and hashbrowns. There’s also cold cereals and oatmeal bar, freshly-made breads, fruit, juice and milk. The KenWood kitchen is completely nut-free and caters to special need diets, ensuring that everyone enjoys mealtime. After breakfast, Emily and her bunkmates return to their cabin to get ready for the day.

Emily is a member of the Sophs division, along with other girls entering 6th grade. After cleaning up their bunk, the Sophs girls meet for the morning’s Divisional Rally, where Division Leaders announce the day’s schedule, evening activity and other important and exciting news. Emily enjoys the simplicity of the camp uniform but still finds plenty of ways to express herself.

KenWood is a uniform camp. It eases the social pressure to dress competitively and makes packing easier. The official KenWood t-shirt is the only required article of clothing and is worn with navy blue shorts.


The day begins with a group activity — Emily and the Sophs have been scheduled for tennis lessons.


Emily selects choice activities every week, allowing her to customize her daily schedule — she has chosen volleyball for her morning choice activity.

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Her friends at camp are cool when she bursts into song between sets. Her counselors are more like big sisters. You’ll hear a lot of singing, cheering and laughing as girls move around KenWood Camp.


KenWood Camp broadcasts a streaming internet radio station, which plays throughout camp and on the web. Emily and her fellow DJs play popular tunes, mix their own music, give weather reports and conduct interviews with staff and friends, discussing the latest happenings around camp.

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After three activity periods, everyone is ready for lunch. The hot bar offers perennial camp favorites such as pizza, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. There’s always a salad bar, a soup and a deli bar for making sandwiches. KenWood’s bakery makes fresh desserts every day. Like the rest of the camp, the dining hall resounds with joyful cheers and spontaneous singing.

Camp isn’t just about what you do. It’s about who you do it with.


Following rest hour in her bunk, Emily and her friends enjoy waiting for a turn behind the ski boat. Watersports are divided into four specialty areas: swimming, sailing, canoes/kayaks/paddleboards and waterski/wakeboard/kneeboard.

Whatever the activity, every period on the waterfront ends with some wet and wild fun.


Emily returns her buddy card before leaving the waterfront, when she and her friends share a snack break between periods.

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After that, Emily dons a mask and padded vest for her afternoon choice activity: Fencing.


Emily tackles our Ropes Adventure Course and Climbing Wall.

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By now, Emily and her friends have worked up an appetite worthy of dinner and make their way to the KenWood dining hall.


Following the last period of the day, the camp gathers at the dining hall for dinner. The main hot bar at dinner follows a theme: Mexican, Chinese, Italian, American Dinner and so on. As with lunch, there’s also a salad bar, pasta bar (with sauce on the side), soup, sandwich fixings and another freshly-made dessert.

Co-ed socials don’t happen every night but they do bring everyone together during select special events throughout the summer. KenMont and KenWood run separate programs for boys and girls during the day.


In the evening, Emily and KenWood Camp join Nate and the boys camp in the KenMont Fieldhouse for a night with DJ Jeff Yahney.

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As the sun sets, Emily returns to her bunk. With lights off at 9:30, lingering songs fade away as sleepy campers grow quiet, ensuring that everyone gets enough sleep for tomorrow.

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