A Day in the Life of Nate

At Kenmont Camp for Boys


Nate’s day begins at 7:30am as he and his bunkmates wake up and make their way to the dining hall for breakfast. Mornings start right with a selection of cold cereals, an oatmeal bar, a breakfast bar with assorted, freshly-made breads, fruit, juice and milk (regular or chocolate). There’s also a hot buffet offering eggs, waffles, pancakes, hashbrowns — enough choices to satisfy every preference.

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KenMont is a uniform camp. It prevents competition and makes packing easy. The official KenMont t-shirt is the only required piece and is worn with navy blue shorts during the day.

Campers like the KenMont uniform so much, many parents send along optional items such as hats, hoodies, basketball jerseys and, yes, socks (which are new and very popular).

Nate is a member of the Cardinals division, along with other boys entering 6th grade. After cleaning their bunks, the Cardinals meet for the morning’s Divisional Rally, where they learn about their schedule for the day, evening activity and important announcements (also known as MLB scores). Every camper applies sunscreen and fills up their water bottle.


The day begins with a group activity, meaning Nate and the Cardinals have been scheduled for time on the waterfront. Watersports are divided into four specialty areas: swimming, sailing, canoes/kayaks/paddleboards and waterski/wakeboard/kneeboard. Nate spends the period water-skiing, learning new techniques and improving his skills on the water.


After drying off Nate and the Cardinals play flag football on the field.

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Campers take each period seriously, welcoming every opportunity to improve but keep things loose on the sidelines.


Each week, camper’s select choice activities, allowing them to customize parts of their daily schedule to suit their own preferences. Nate has selected go-karts for his third period.


After three activity periods, everyone is ready for lunch. The hot bar offers perennial camp favorites, such as pizza, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. There’s always a salad bar, a freshly-made soup and a deli bar for making sandwiches. KenMont’s bakery makes a fresh dessert every day as well. The KenMont kitchen is completely nut-free and caters to special dietary needs, ensuring that everyone enjoys mealtime. After lunch, Nate returns to his bunk for rest hour. He and a friend play Monopoly, while their bunkmates write letters home or read books.

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Boys at KenMont spend the summer unplugged. Every conversation happens face-to-face and every experience is real.

Fourth Period

Nate is all about tennis today and returns to it for his afternoon choice period.

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Snack Break

A snack break follows Rest Hour and 4th Period.

Fifth Period

Boys love to cook, especially when they know they get to eat it afterwards.

Sixth Period

His day rounds out with passing drills and a soccer match.

By now, Nate and his friends have worked up an appetite worthy of dinner and make their way to the KenMont dining hall.

Plenty for Every Preference

The main hot bar at dinner follows a theme — Mexican, Chinese, Italian, American Dinner and so on. It’s always accompanied by a pasta bar (with sauce on the side). A salad bar, sandwich fixings and another freshly-made dessert round out our kid-friendly options. Nate and his bunk eat together along with their counselors (there are no fewer than three per bunk).

After the meal, campers play fun table games to determine who clears the plates. The rules have to be experienced rather than learned. As the sun sets over the lake, Nate returns to his cabin to don party gear for Evening Program with Camp KenWood.

Camps KenMont and KenWood run separate programs for boys and girls on a daily basis. Throughout the summer, the two camps come together for supervised, co-ed socials.

Evening Program

An All-Camp Celebration

Evening Program follows dinner and it can be as simple as our annual Talent Show, a Scavenger Hunt or, like tonight, something bigger. Tonight’s it’s an all-camp blowout with sister camp, KenWood and our awesome DJ. As the sun sets, Nate returns to his cabin and winds down with his friends. Lights go off at 9:30pm, ensuring that everyone gets enough sleep for tomorrow’s fun-filled day.

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