Terms and Conditions

Rules and Regulations

The camper (Camper) and parent/guardians(s) (Parent) agree to abide by the KenMont and KenWood Code of Conduct as established by KenMont and KenWood Camp (Camp) including, without limitation, those relating to enrollment and withdrawal of campers and visitation. The full Code of Conduct is a form that must be agreed to and signed by parent/guardian prior to the campers arrival to camp.

KenMont and KenWood Camp Expectations

The goal of Camp's administration is to provide each and every Camper with an extraordinary experience. To that end, we remind you of the expectations regarding behavior and decorum and ask that you carefully review these with your Camper prior to his/her arrival. At Camp, we pride ourselves on being inclusive of children and staff from many countries, cultures and walks of life. We try very hard to assure that children are not excluded by their peers, poked fun at for their abilities, or bullied in any way. Please remind your camper that he/she should arrive at camp with the intentions of being friendly with everyone in the group, participating in activities, exhibiting good manners, and having positive interactions with campers and staff.

If we find that a Camper is not able to abide by the behavioral regulations, immediate action will be taken by the staff in charge. This action will be gentle and corrective in nature, with the intention of helping the camper understand the choice he/she made. If the initial corrective action does not prove to be effective, further action will be taken by the administration and may include conversation with a supervisor/director, time spent away from activities or removal of the opportunity to participate in a group privilege. We have every confidence that each camper will put forth his/her best effort, although we do reserve the right to expel any camper that finds himself/herself unable to abide by Camp's Code of Conduct. This is in the best interest of our entire KenMont and KenWood family.

Dismissal of Camper

Camp reserves the right to dismiss, in its sole discretion, any Camper whose condition, conduct, influence or behavior is deemed unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interests of Camp or his/her fellow campers, or who violates camp rules and regulations, in which case no refunds will be made.

Late Arrival/Early Departure

No allowance or reduction in tuition will be made for late arrival or early departure of Camper without a Director's consent prior to the commencement of the camp season.


If tuition or fees are not paid in full for Camper, Parent will be liable for all costs of collection, including attorney's fees.


No refunds of deposits, tuition or fees will be made after March 1 of the current camp season.
In order to protect Camp for future generations, as a result of binding commitments that the Camp must enter into in order to conduct camp with appropriate levels of staff and medical personnel and the cost of readying the Camp to open, no refunds will be given in the event of an Act of God, War, Terrorism, Civil Unrest, Pandemic, other matters beyond the control of the Camp, or any other non-personal situation that, in the Camp's sole judgment, could lead to significant cancellations that would have a negative financial impact on the future of Camp.


The cost of Covid-19 testing at camp and medical care provided by Camp nurse and doctor is included in the tuition. Parent grants Camp permission to utilize medical treatment (including dental and orthodontic) by providers situated outside of Camp should the Camp Director(s) deem such treatment necessary for Camper's well being. Should it be necessary for the well being of the Camper to use such outside medical care providers, all expenses incurred will be paid by using a Parent’s credit card on file at the time such expenses are incurred. Medical personnel, or a camp director, will attempt to contact a Parent before outside medical treatment is utilized.

Permission to Participate

Parent grants Camper permission to participate in all Camp activities, including but not limited to, excursions and special outings, and understands that accidents and injuries may occur in the natural course of participation in such activities, and agrees to hold harmless the Camp.


Permission is hereby given for Camp to use in promoting Camp and in other ventures directly relating to the Camp (i) digital, photographic, video and audio images or likenesses of Camper; and (ii) statements, articles, names, music, art, photographs, audio recordings, films and videos created by Camper or originating from Camp or from a Camp-related activity.


Camp is responsible for cash and valuables including passports and tickets that have been brought to the camp office. There is no need for Campers to have money in their possession at any time. Camp recommends that no valuable items such as jewelry, expensive cameras, electronics, etc. be brought to Camp, however if campers do bring these items and store them in their cabins, they do so at their own risk. Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


To ensure the happiness of Campers, Camp has a No Phone Policy. Cell phones are prohibited at Camp. Therefore, if a Camper is traveling with a cell phone, it must be turned into the office for storage in our safe until their Session concludes.

Phone Calls

During the session, campers and families will have pre-arranged phone calls for a specific time and day. If your camper is celebrating a birthday or if an immediate family member (Mother, Father, Guardian, Step-Parent, Sibling) has a birthday during the session, parents/guardians will need to fill out a form. All phone calls will be kept to a time limit of 10 minutes.


All electronics other than iPod Shuffles (or similar screen and camera free music playing devices) are prohibited at camp.

Clothing and Equipment

Camp requires camp-specific articles of clothing such as the uniform. Camp's Packing List should be closely followed. Camp is not responsible for luggage lost in shipment to and from Camp, or clothing, belongings and equipment lost in camp or on trips. It is not recommended to send expensive clothing or items to Camp. All clothing and personal items must be labeled with Camper's name. There is no dry-cleaning service so all clothing should be wash-and-wear.


As members of the American Camp Association, we do not permit tipping. KenMont and KenWood Camp counselors understand this standard and agree to adhere to it in their contracts.


All claims or disputes asserted by Camper or Parent against the Camp and arising from or related to this Agreement shall be brought and maintained before an agreed upon arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association, and Parent expressly submits to the jurisdiction of the arbitrator. The substantive law of the State of Connecticut will govern such disputes without regard to conflict of law rules. Any individual bringing legal action against Camp, which action is decided in favor of Camp, will be responsible for all legal fees, arbitration/court costs and out-of-pocket expenses of Camp, its owners and employees.

Contact with Camp

The Director and other members of the administration are always available by phone (860-927-3042) and by email (campinfo@kencamp.com).