KenMont Camp for Boys

Established in 1924

Each summer, boys ages 7 – 15 come to Kent, Connecticut for the best summer ever!

Located on the shore of North Spectacle Lake in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, KenMont offers 200 acres of rolling hills, deep woods, wide open fields and a stunning waterfront. All this and we’re just a short drive from New York City (2 hrs) and Boston (3 hrs)!

KenMont is the brother camp of KenWood Camp for Girls — a completely separate camp with its own facilities and staff. Together, the two camps operate under the leadership of director, Hylton Wener. Different from co-ed, the boys spend 90% of their time with other boys. It’s like going to a boys’ camp, but better!

There are two 4-week sessions each summer. It’s a complete camp experience including special event days and Color War. Campers in each session arrive together and leave together, fostering the optimal social dynamic for camp living and the development of friendships.

I have always wanted my kids to experience camp but my husband and I couldn’t imagine being separated from our child for the whole summer. When we discovered KenMont last year, we knew this was the perfect option, giving Ryan the opportunity to have a complete camp experience in 4 weeks.


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Below is word for word the first letter we got from one of our sons: “All I know is that I never ever want to leave so don’t take me home, so don’t come.” If that isn’t the best recommendation for camp then I don’t know what is.

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An out-of-camp day trip is included in each session providing the boys with experiences such as outdoor adventure, amusement parks and waterparks. The same structure of supervision and safety used in camp is implemented on all trips. A professional bus company transports campers and staff.

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