Departure Day


Information for those families who will be picking up their campers at camp and taking them home via car.

1st session
Tuesday, July 23

2nd Session
Sunday, August 18

Everyone is welcome! However, please leave family pets at home. Many of our campers have allergies and/or are afraid of animals.

Our Departure Day starts at 10:30 AM (sharp) to 1:00 PM. Parents, please arrive on time as your kids are anxiously waiting your arrival! There will be juice, coffee & snacks available at the Parking Area for those who arrive early. Check in and feel free to pick up your camper’s photos, complements of KenMont and KenWood Camps.

Please join us for a family BBQ hosted by Tom.

A schedule of the day’s events will be available upon your arrival.

If you are taking your camper’s bags home with you, they can be picked up at anytime. Our staff will be happy to help you bring to your car.

PLEASE NOTE – Although we appreciate the thought, we have a NO TIPPING / NO GIFTS policy at KenMont and KenWood. Our staff is fully aware of this policy. However, feel free to offer your name as a reference for their future job searches.

KenMont and KenWood is a smoke free environment (including electronic cigarettes and vapes).